Lleida-Alguaire airport is 15km. From Lleida. It occupies a key location in the north-eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, the meeting-point of a network of infrastructures that connect the airport with important tourist and industrial centres. The high-speed train has greatly reduced travelling time between Lleida and Barcelona, Zaragoza and Madrid. The plane and HST combination provides the traveller with a transport system that is fast, comfortable and efficient, and allows them to travel long distances in very little time.

Its closest area of influence includes Lleida and the towns and counties of the Poniente area, such as Balaguer, Cervera, Tàrrega, Mollerussa and les Borges Blanques.

The second and third rings of influence also include areas with great potential for tourism, such as la Vall d’Aran, Andorra and towns in the Aragonese Pyrenees. The airport could, therefore, serve a population of up to 980,000 people.