Terres de Lleida

The surprising lands of Lleida

The tremendous diversity of the Lands of Lleida is surprising; the landscapes of the plains are crossed by a thousand and one enchanting routes which include “The River Sió Castles Route”, “The Cistercian Route”, “The Way of St James” and the “Lakes Train”.

The capital, Lleida, is an open city in which cultural heritage —including the magnificent old cathedral, La Seu Vella— coexists with the most modern items of infrastructure, which include the new Congress and Conference Centre and the Lleida-Alguaire airport.

Festivals and age-old traditions, natural settings that are ideal for ornithologists, and a local gastronomy based on natural products; these are just a few of the attractions of a territory whose welcoming people and settlements full of character will seduce visitors.

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Lands of Lleida