The Department of Planning and Sustainability, through Aeroports de Catalunya, has completed the construction of a dam around the airport in Lleida – Alguaire that will regulate the flow of the stream named Águila in situations of heavy rain.

The structure, located close to the airport facilities, is formed by a set of gabions, which are boxes of galvanized steel wire filled with stones that make a resistant wall. The dam is 5 meters high and 28 meters long. The works began in August and will channel the flood water during periods of intense rainfall.

This solution, agreed with Unió de Pagesos (the farmers of the surrounding area), will facilitate the stream gradually transferring the accumulated water from the pond in two days at the most. Thus, the pond will not be permanent, to avoid attracting the emergence of aquatic birds in the area, which could hinder operations at the airport in Lleida – Alguaire. The works have a cost of 50,700 euros.